Will SmartStrand carpets become matted?

Will SmartStrand carpets become matted?

One of the best characteristics of SmartStrand carpet flooring is how it resists crushing and matting, even in busy spaces like hallways and children's rooms. And even if the products do mat down after years of use and extensive wear, it's easier to bring this brand back to life.

If you need the best performance from your carpeting, this is a fantastic choice for many areas. Consider this information as you search for the perfect products for your home.

Outstanding crush resistance

When you need a floor covering that offers luxurious softness and comfort underfoot, one of the best choices is SmartStrand flooring. But unlike other products, you never have to sacrifice durability for beauty and comfort.

Crushing and matting protection is a built-in feature in this product line, translating into durability that will serve you, your children, and your pets. Fiber molecules spring back quickly to maintain the best look and experience for many years.

Environmentally friendly

These products are created with renewable, plant-based ingredients that create fewer GHG emissions while using less energy. In addition, it is certified OEKO-TEX free from harmful substances for peace of mind that your home and carpet in San Diego remain healthy and safe, especially for pets and children.

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