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Trendy laminate could be your best flooring choice

If you’re ready for a change this year, laminate has so much to offer. With a variety of colors, styles, formats, and installation techniques, you're sure to find a match for your décor. And with fantastic durability and performance, you can install it in even the busiest rooms in your home, so let's find out more about how it could be of benefit to you.

Laminate trends that could work for you

This year, laminate flooring is rolling out in style and finesse, with some outstanding types, textures, colors, and more. The days of drab and boring are gone, and unexpected visual excitement is here to stay. Let’s see which trends might best serve you and your household.

You're going to see many stains and water-resistant laminate types coming up, adding to the durability. These features are joined by the American-Made line, which gives you peace of mind in knowing where your flooring is sourced. When you put them all together, you're sure to love the results.

If you're looking for the perfect color, many homeowners choose to go with a whitewash, gray, light, or blonde wood, or a high variation color scheme that blends darks and lights. When you match these colors with realistic textures like handscraped, distressed, or embossed, you're going to see stunning results perfect for both rustic and contemporary settings and everything in-between well.

Still, more variation can be added if you choose layouts such as wide plank or Chevron, which could add all the visual appeal you’ve been missing. These are perfect for high-profile spaces such as foyers, living rooms, and kitchens, where guests will see them first. If you want to see examples for yourself, be sure to visit anytime.


Find out what you’re missing in laminate

America's Best Flooring offers an excellent selection of materials that will serve you well for years to come. When you visit, our associates will get to know your specific requirements and then match you with products that meet those needs. We are dedicated to the best results, no matter what size remodel you have planned.

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