What is the difference between solid and engineered hardwood flooring?

What is the difference between solid and engineered hardwood flooring?

Solid hardwood is a prized flooring material, but engineered wood might be better depending on your application! What's true is that you add an air of sophistication to your home when you opt for either kind of hardwood flooring. Of course, there are differences between solid and manufactured wood. However, the floor shows off its beautiful wood grain regardless of which type of board you choose. You can find the hardwood-style that works best for your home at America's Best Flooring in San Diego, California. We offer high-quality products and services.

Solid vs. layered

Engineered wood contrasts solid wood in that it has a base covered by a surface layer of hardwood. The base is often made of plywood, and because of its composition, this base tolerates moisture. What's more, boards are designed for floating floor installation. Since boards interlock, the floor needs no attachment to the subfloor. You can have versatile engineered wood installed over a cement slab or existing flooring. Solid wood is usually nailed to a wood subfloor.

Solid hardwood

Unfinished solid hardwood flooring, which is finished on-site, resists water well. Boards are placed close together, and the floor is well sealed. Floors that are installed using this traditional method have a flush look. Floors that are constructed with prefinished solid hardwood or engineered wood have a beveled look. Typically, sealants that are applied in the factory are superior to those that are available to installers. Thus, ready-to-be-installed products have more extended finish warranties.

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