Three important facts about luxury vinyl flooring

Three important facts about luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring has taken the industry by storm for years and seems to be as popular now as it ever has been. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why it remains a top choice for homeowners, regardless of preferences or requirements.

As we dive into the fascinating world of luxury vinyl, you will find benefits that will serve you well in every room. Here are three important facts that could change your remodeling experience today.

Luxury vinyl flooring offers realistic visuals

These products aren’t just another natural material imposter or wood-look replica that saves money during your vinyl plank flooring remodel. The realism offers jaw-dropping authenticity with stunning colors, graining, veining, and texture. Your guests may never know they're not walking on the real thing!

3D laser image printing and deep embossing advancements make this flawless visual appeal possible. That means your floors will easily mimic porcelain tile, stone, and solid hardwood flooring.

Luxury vinyl flooring is completely waterproof

If you spill a glass of wine or see your pet have an accident on your current flooring, will it bring panic? With luxury vinyl, you'll never have to worry about permanent stains or water damage because luxury vinyl flooring in San Diego, CA, is created to withstand it all.

Core layers are made of wood and stone plastic composite materials, which help alleviate the worries you're used to with a lesser protection level. We think everyone deserves worry-free flooring, and these surfaces benefit every room in your home.

Extended durability you can live on

Waterproof protection is an excellent way to protect your new flooring surfaces, but it's not the only one. The protective top layer and wear layer work together to alleviate dents, scrapes, scratches, and stains for vinyl plank flooring that lasts longer and looks better along the way. When you’re ready to enjoy pristine, gorgeous floors throughout your home, these options will serve you well.

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Luxury vinyl flooring offers benefits that serve every homeowner, and America's Best Flooring provides the best assortment of products and services to meet your needs. For instance, we'll help you choose floors that are durable, gorgeous, and easy to install and maintain.

America’s Best Flooring is ready to work with you on any luxury vinyl flooring project, large or small, for residents of San Diego, La Jolla, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, and Poway, CA. Stop by our showroom in San Diego, CA, today to learn more about what's available for you.