Luxury vinyl flooring vs. sheet vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring vs. sheet vinyl

When you shop for the perfect vinyl flooring in San Diego, CA, you'll find sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring that offer outstanding benefits. Understanding your home's preferences and requirements for flooring can help you quickly choose between the two, so here are some facts to get you started.

The benefits you can stand on are here

One of the most sought-after benefits of luxury vinyl flooring is complete waterproof protection, but you'll find the same protection in sheet vinyl without any seams on the surface. The most significant difference is that various core components are used in luxury vinyl, including wood and stone plastic composites, and each vinyl plank flooring offers different benefits.

Another highly requested benefit is flooring that mimics all-natural stone, hardwood, or porcelain tile, and both products offer options that fit this need. Luxury vinyl flooring often offers more realistic pieces, with textures, colors, and installation layouts, such as herringbone and chevron, that look more like the real thing.

Regarding cleanability, both floors offer excellent results, especially since both require only a broom and damp mop for great results. However, luxury vinyl flooring lasts longer due to a protective top layer you can customize in thicknesses that fit your flooring needs.

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