Luxury vinyl flooring: Three FAQs about cleaning

Luxury vinyl flooring: Three FAQs about cleaning

When you choose the perfect luxury vinyl flooring in San Diego, CA, it's essential to take all the proper steps to maintain the intended lifespan of the product. Of course, the first is to choose the right product and have it professionally installed, but cleaning is another vital part of the process.

How to best clean your luxury vinyl flooring

Knowing the best way to clean your floors is essential so they can stay gorgeous and reach their intended lifespan. So, here are three questions, with their answers, to give you the information you need to get started.

  1. How do I clean my luxury vinyl flooring? A broom and damp mop take care of most messes and daily cleaning, even with dirty feet or paw prints. However, if you have a mess that needs more attention, you can ask about a commercial cleaner that caters to the specific need. 
  2. Can I use a steam cleaner on luxury vinyl? We recommend against steam cleaning because luxury vinyl flooring, although 100% waterproof, is not made to handle excessive heat and pressure. It’s not worth the damage that could follow a steam cleaning. 
  3. Is it okay to use homemade cleaners on this flooring? Some homemade vinyl plank flooring cleaners are acceptable, such as vinegar solutions with mild detergent. Contact your flooring manufacturer or us if you have questions about what to use.

We have the flooring you need

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