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Is there a crush-resistant carpet available?

Crushing is what happens when you carpet an area with extremely high traffic or heavy loads, but the good news is that there are options to avoid extensive wear. SmartStrand is a brand that offers so many benefits; you'll wonder why you didn't consider the option sooner, so read along with us now for more information.

SmartStrand carpet flooring holds up under pressure

There are plenty of benefits that come with SmartStrand carpeting, but one of the most impressive is the crush resistance that can keep your floors looking newer longer. You’ll love the way they react to heavy daily traffic, with fibers that stand up straight and tall, even over time.

The technology that makes this lack of crushing possible also makes it possible for easier cleaning and maintenance. These floors provide outstanding stain protection, built right into the fibers, so you’ll see fewer stains and messes.

To round out your impressive experience, you’ll find stunning visuals that help you match any décor or interior design. Be sure to consider colors, fiber cuts, designs, and textures to create the whole experience you want and need for your home, so stop by to speak with a flooring specialist today.

We offer carpet flooring in San Diego

At America’s Best Flooring, you’ll find that we offer impressive carpet flooring in San Diego, with a fully stocked inventory of materials that are sure to meet your needs. Our associates work to learn your preferences and requirements and then utilize every option to meet them.

From our San Diego, CA showroom location, we serve the residents of San Diego, La Jolla, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, and Poway, CA, and we'd love to provide your perfect flooring as well. So be sure to stop by today to consider SmartStrand carpet flooring and all it can do for your home.