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Is a mid-century look with luxury vinyl floors possible?

The mid-century look is one you've probably seen often, as it is currently a prevalent trend in the remodeling industry. You can get this striking look in your own home, with its clean lines and well-designed options, from luxury vinyl flooring options, and we’ll tell you more about it in today’s post.

Luxury vinyl flooring and the mid-century look

California saw the first mid-century designs as World War II ended, emphasizing form and function. Furnishings and flooring alike took on lines, curves, and all-natural appearances to create a simple and elegant experience.

Function or form?

The function is usually preferred over form, and you're not likely to see extensive ornamentation, as that would take away from the simplistic nature of this beautiful style. However, exciting options can be put into place using textures, materials, and colors whether you choose luxury vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring.

Bringing nature into your home

The idea of bringing nature into the interior of your home is another facet of the mid-century look, with neutral and bold options pairing well with one another. If you’re ready to see these exciting luxury vinyl flooring options for yourself, be sure to stop by our showroom whenever you’re in the area.

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