If you have pets, consider waterproof flooring

If you have pets, consider waterproof flooring

Pet owners know that waterproof flooring in San Diego is always an excellent investment. These floors protect against water damage, but they also offer phenomenal characteristics that fit many other needs.

Choosing a product that covers your entire list of requirements can help speed up your shopping process to move on to your remodel. Here are some facts about waterproof flooring that you should know if you have a pet. 

What makes waterproof floors suitable for pet owners?

Waterproof protection is the featured advantage of this flooring line, giving you complete protection against water damage, warping, expansion, and contraction. Luxury vinyl flooring has core components made of wood and stone plastic composite, which never succumb to dampness, humidity, spills, or leaks, even in your busiest spaces.

Waterproof flooring
is also easy to clean, even with larger messes, when you use the right cleaners and cleaning tools. Most floors do well with a broom and damp mop, but when more cleaning power is required, adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations or contact us for more information.

Added characteristics you’ll love

One of the most sought-after features in this floor covering line is an all-natural appearance, with luxury vinyl flooring options that mimic stone, solid hardwood, and porcelain tile with fantastic accuracy. You’ll enjoy realistic textures, colors, and installation layouts that make your guests think they’re walking on the real thing.

In addition to these options, you'll also get to choose from abstract and artistic appearance options like animal print, bold geometrics, and linear pieces to fit any décor scheme. Browse every available product to find the one that best matches your requirements.

Bringing everything together

Once you choose the products you love in our waterproof flooring store, we'll discuss the installation, including measurements and requirements, which you'll want to know. With most products, you'll walk on your new surfaces as soon as installation is complete.

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