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How to prevent the expansion of luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring
will sometimes expand as temperatures change because of its construction. However, with proper preparation, this expansion won't be a problem, nor will it cause damage.

If you're concerned about expansion, the best thing to learn is how to prevent it. And it's easier than you might think after a bit of research.

What causes luxury vinyl to expand?

Vinyl has a reputation for expansion as the temperature around it changes. It happens most often with floated floors and large, open spaces.

Most vinyl plank flooring pieces only expand by tiny amounts. But when you multiply that amount over a room full of boards, it can add up.

What do you do about expansion?

The most critical step is acclimating your flooring before it's installed. This helps equalize temperatures and humidity levels between materials and the room.

But we can also leave an expansion gap, especially in areas prone to temperature changes. This allows the flooring to move slightly without taking on damage of any kind.

Moving large furniture

Besides temperature and humidity, other things can cause luxury vinyl flooring issues. For example, moving large furniture pieces can cause buckling and gaps if they are dragged.

Use felt pads or other moving options if you have to move a large piece. Reach out to us with questions or concerns at any time.

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