What's the best way to choose a hardwood flooring color?

What's the best way to choose a hardwood flooring color?

The color you choose matters whether you want engineered or solid hardwood flooring. Color can help match decor, create ambiance, and so much more.

If you have a specific need, take time to browse this line, especially for colors. You might find the perfect choice is waiting for you right here.

Match your decor for a great look

When you need to match your decor, it's essential to find the perfect color. So you can start with the best match for what you already have in place.

A complementary color works better than a perfect match. You'll find the results much more satisfying for your wood flooring results.

If you have pets

If there are pets in the home, you may want to choose a lighter stain color. Lighter colors hide dirt, debris, and dander much better than dark colors.

For this purpose, look at trends like light-colored stains and whitewashed wood. You may find them a fantastic addition to your home, no matter the room.

If you prefer dark colors

Dark stain colors can add an air of sophistication and rich elegance. Wood flooring is often highlighted with decorative borders, medallions, or fluffy area rugs.

Darker colors absorb sunlight, so they aren't as prone to fading. They enhance the natural grain of your chosen wood species for excellent definition.

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