Waterproof flooring in San Diego, CA from America's Best Flooring

I love a rustic look-is it possible with waterproof flooring?

You'll enjoy many benefits of choosing waterproof flooring in San Diego. And one of those benefits is extensive visual options.

If you prefer a rustic look, you'll love that these floors offer plenty of options to meet the need. Rustic wood and stone looks are the favorite features of these floors.

What is the rustic look?

By definition, rustic describes a simple, country-style fashion with a rural feel. It is often disassociated from sophistication, leaning to a plainer appeal in general.

Rustic looks often help create a perfect decor scheme in cabin or farmhouse decor trends. And you have plenty of luxury vinyl flooring choices to meet the need.

Rustic waterproof flooring

Vinyl plank and tile offer stunning rustic visuals like stone and wood. They also provide complete waterproof protection even in your dampest spaces.

For many homeowners, having a wood look that's also waterproof flooring is a dream. So, you can have that rustic wood look in every room of your home if you want it.

Luxury vinyl offers so much more

When you choose luxury vinyl flooring, you'll also find outstanding durability. These floors offer stain, scratch, and dent resistance. 

And they last a long time, too. Professional installation and regular care can last up to 20 years or more.

Choose our waterproof flooring store

When you need a waterproof flooring store, choose America's Best Flooring. We cater to all your needs with an extensive inventory and personalized service.

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