DuChateau in San Diego, CA from America's Best Flooring

Which luxury vinyl flooring is best for pet-friendly homes?

When you have pets, you often have scratches, stains, and dings across your floor coverings. But DuChateau flooring can change that.

These floors offer extensive durability with options you've never had before. And it does so with great style and stunning beauty, so it's worth your consideration.

The advanced durability of Duchateau flooring

One thing that sets Duchateau apart from other materials is a 22-mil wear layer. This creates a high-performance floor covering that stands up to pets and high traffic areas.

This flooring is an excellent choice for your busiest spaces because it's so durable. Even with constant daily activity, you'll see a surface that lasts longer due to the best luxury vinyl flooring.

You don't have to sacrifice visuals for impressive performance

Even though the floors perform better than most, you don't have to sacrifice beauty to get it. These on-trend products are industry leaders in designs, colors, and your specific needs.

Choose the most stylish match for your decor scheme from this flooring line. You'll find the perfect options in any range.

Bringing everything together

You can bring together visuals and performance in luxury vinyl flooring. And when you do, the result is a floor covering you can make the most of.

Be sure to consider all the options and possibilities that will work for your flooring needs. And we'll be here to help along the way.

Choose us for the perfect flooring and more

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