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What type of fiber is in SmartStrand carpets?

SmartStrand carpet flooring is a fantastic choice for many rooms in your home. You'll gain exceptional results even if your home is busy and active.

But you might have some questions about the fibers found in these materials. So, here are some facts that might contain the answers you've always wanted.

The construction of SmartStrand carpet flooring

These floors are made of a fiber known as triexta, also known as PTT polyester. If the triexta features corn sugar instead of petroleum, it's called Sorona.

Triexta is more stain resistant than traditional polyester, protecting against spills. With SmartStrand carpet flooring, you'll see fewer permanent stains with these floors in place, even in busy spaces.

Added benefits of SmartStrand

Since these floors do not absorb water, they are also resistant to mildew and mold. As a result, this is an excellent choice in foyers, hallways, and children's rooms.

The benefit of having this attribute in place is excellent air quality. The breathability of these floors keeps allergens from becoming problematic.

The attributes of triexta in SmartStrand flooring

Besides outstanding durability, these fibers are stain resistant, soft, and offer eco-friendly options. These and other features make this floor covering very popular in the industry.

SmartStrand carpet flooring is easy to clean and looks better longer because of it. You can trust these materials in even the busiest areas, with lifespans of more than 15 years or more.

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