What to know about embossing and luxury vinyl flooring

What to know about embossing and luxury vinyl flooring

As you research luxury vinyl flooring, you’ll hear a lot about texture, including the different types and benefits of them. Most of these texturizations come from varying levels of embossing, which helps add beauty and realism, especially to wood-look products.

It’s worth your time to learn more about the process and results to find the perfect level of embossing. Here are some facts to give you a clear view of what to expect.What is embossing?

Embossing is a stamping process that replicates an image pattern into vinyl, creating a beautiful, realistic appearance and texture for your vinyl plank flooring. You'll enjoy the benefits of wood and stone visuals, with embossing that matches both needs perfectly.

Various embossing choices

Different levels of embossing yield different results, so it's essential to know which ones will best match your design requirements. Consider these choices to find a perfect look for your home.

  • Light embossing gives a subtle, exciting look that mimics wire-brushing in wood-look products. For stone looks, you'll see options that mimic granite and concrete.
  • Medium embossing creates more character, with wood grain patterns that mimic specific species. Embossed luxury vinyl flooring has a rougher appearance, much as you'd see in slate.
  • Heavy embossing replicates the hard, cut lines that come with authentic hand-scraped hardwood. Heavy stone look embossing looks much the same as medium embossing.

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