The new DuChateau you won’t want to miss

The new DuChateau you won’t want to miss

Duchateau flooring has already established the brand name with impressive features and characteristics that homeowners adore. The new 22 mil wear layer may be what you've been looking for to complete your new flooring remodel, and here's what to know about it.

What to know to choose the best

An upgrade isn't an upgrade unless your flooring quality reaches a higher level, and that's what you'll gain with this new wear layer thickness. Others on the market range from 12 to 20 mil and offer impressive functionality, but the 22 mil wear layer is harder to scratch with this luxury vinyl in San Diego, CA, even in high-traffic areas.

If you have children, pets, or frequent house guests, this added protection will give you the lifespan you want while not demanding extensive maintenance requirements. You'll enjoy luxury vinyl flooring that will last up to 20 years with professional installation and possibly more with the addition of runners or area rugs.

You'll never have to relinquish any visual benefits when you choose a more durable product because this brand offers the best of both worlds. DuChateau is an industry leader in the design, color, and visual appeal of luxury vinyl flooring, with the perfect match for your home quickly, no matter how big your remodel is.

Enjoy our showroom for your luxury vinyl flooring and more

At America's Best Flooring, we understand the new flooring process can take time, especially if you need help choosing the perfect products. So, we carry numerous flooring materials and add services to complement each one, helping to make sense of the process, however large or small.

You're invited to visit our showroom in San Diego, CA, whenever you're in the area to browse our inventory and speak with our experienced associates. We proudly provide DuChateau flooring to residents of San Diego, La Jolla, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, and Poway, CA, and we’d like to earn your business as well.