Waterproof flooring in San Diego, CA from America's Best Flooring

Looking for a floor with character? Consider waterproof flooring!

Waterproof flooring like luxury vinyl can give you the character you need for any decor you have in place. Character comes in many forms, and you're sure to find an excellent choice for your needs in this product line.

Be sure to browse carefully to find options you might overlook otherwise. And if you have questions along the way, we'll be right here to answer them for you.

What is character?

When we speak of character, we're talking about any ways to bring your personality to life in your decor. For your flooring, this can mean many things.

Our waterproof flooring store offers options like knotted wood, distressed visuals, or textures. You might prefer one character in one room and something else in another.

Which floors offer the best character?

Many homeowners choose wood-look floors to get the character they want and need. Look for options that have the look of knots, graining, and other features.

You can also add character with formats, widths, and installation layouts. And these will go along with your specific decor scheme, adding the perfect looks.

How is this character added to waterproof flooring?

The image layer handles most of the character load for luxury vinyl flooring. This is added with the 3D laser printing system, then covered with a wear layer and protective top layer.

But character also comes from the textures added above the image layer. They can include hand scraped, wire brushed, and many more.

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