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I have pets-- is SmartStrand carpet a good option?

SmartStrand carpet flooring is an outstanding choice for your home if you have pets. It offers benefits that cater specifically to the busy homeowner.

But's, it's beneficial when the busy homeowner is also a pet owner. And the benefits you find in this floor covering will serve you well for years to come.

Cater to all the possibilities

Having pets means your home has extra love and happiness to go around. But it can also mean a few messes here and there.

SmartStrand does a great job guarding against everything your pets can dish out. And you'll want to know about every benefit.

Excellent stain protection

Stains are a part of life, even without pets in the home. But the opportunity for permanent stains is greater with pets.

If your pets spend time both in and outside, the opportunities are even higher. And we know that accidents can happen anywhere.

Odor protection that makes a difference

Even in the most well-kept homes with the most pampered pets, smells can come in and linger. But SmartStrand carpet flooring has unique features that cater to this specific need.

Bacteria can often settle down into a carpet to create foul odors, but this carpet fights that. As a result, you'll have cleaner, fresher floors for years to come with protection that never wears off.

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