Four good reasons to choose SmartStrand carpets

Four good reasons to choose SmartStrand carpets

When you need the best carpet for your busy home, take the time to consider SmartStrand carpet flooring. These materials offer extensive benefits that will serve you well in many rooms throughout your home.

Even with pets and children, you can take advantage of benefits that will help your carpeting last up to 25 years. Here are four good reasons to give this product line your full attention.

1. Durability –
Durability is a critical feature that draws homeowners to this impressive product line. Crushing and matting aren’t often seen, and they are easy to fix if they happen.

2. Softness –
You’ll enjoy a plush underfoot experience with SmartStrand Silk, which offers a silk-like softness that's perfect for bedrooms and children's rooms. This softness absorbs ambient noise for a more peaceful experience wherever it's installed.

3. Stain and odor protection –
Another highly sought-after characteristic of this product line is impressive built-in stain and odor protection. These floors offer pet protection with warranties to match, leaving you with a cleaner look and a fresher smell.

4. A long lifespan –
With all these durable characteristics, you can expect these floors to last an average of 20 years. Always plan on a professional installation for your SmartStrand carpet flooring to take advantage of all the manufacturer's warranties for the peace of mind you deserve.

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