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Choose DuChateau flooring for durability and elegance

Du Chateau flooring is an industry leader in color, design, and appearance options. It offers some of the most current and on-trend options available in the industry.

But it's among the best choices for busy, high-traffic homes, especially for pets or children. So, it's worth your time to discover how these materials could cater to your needs.

A stunning decor match for any room

This product line's impressive designs and colors are well worth your time. They're sure to match any decor scheme, from modern to rustic.

But luxury vinyl flooring also helps keep you on-trend and current, even as trends change around you. So, be sure to share your specific needs with our team while you're here for the perfect match.

A new, durable wear layer option

Luxury vinyl flooring has always been known for impressive durability. But with a new 22-mil wear layer, you'll find exceptional wear resistance like never before.

Standard wear layers go up to about 12 to 20 mil, which is a good choice for medium to high traffic areas. The 22-mil option means DuChateau flooring is harder to scratch, with high-performance benefits.

Compare your needs with available durability

Not every home needs a 22-mil wear layer. But those with it will find a more durable surface, even under heavy traffic.

The more durable your floors, the longer they'll last. So, if you'd like to get the most out of your flooring, stop by to find out more.

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