DuChateau offers impressive results

DuChateau offers impressive results

If you haven’t heard about DuChateau flooring, you should know that it offers plenty of benefits that bring results that last for years. Whether you need the best protection or visual appeal, these products offer something for everyone.

The more you know about your potential flooring choice, the better your results will be after you choose the best product. As you dive into the facts about DuChateau flooring, you'll find excellent characteristics that will efficiently fulfill your preferences and requirements.

How does DuChateau protect?

DuChateau flooring offers a new 22-mil wear layer, protecting against scratches, scuffs, and dents, even if you have a large family with pets. Heavy traffic, pet nails, and high heels are infamous for causing problems for flooring surfaces, but there's more protection in this brand line than in any other.

Most luxury vinyl flooring products give you a wear layer of 12 to 20 mil, so these floors guard against more damage, offering a longer lifespan. You won’t have to replace your floors for up to 20 years when you use professional installation and keep regular maintenance and cleaning schedules for your new floors.

How does DuChateau look?

DuChateau luxury vinyl in San Diego, CA, has always been an industry leader in design appeal, including stunning colors and designs for any décor scheme. The styles in this brand keep you current and on-trend for years, so you won't have to replace your flooring with every interior décor change.

Enjoy luxury vinyl flooring that mimics all-natural stone and solid hardwood, including textures that create an authentic look and feel. Create elegance in high-end spaces or a rustic appeal in a farmhouse design scheme, though these are only a few options.

When you’re ready for vinyl plank flooring, learn more about DuChateau flooring. You can find the perfect surface for every room, and we’re here to help.

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